Scrap Buckets, Tundishes ...

Other temperature-challenged assets can be tracked with PLT Tags and sensors, thereby improving the traceability of mission critical equipment


Accurate detection of arrival/departure of ladles allows improving the coordination between cranes and the rest of the equipment


Linking ladle events with Temperatures and precise steel contact time leads to accurate campaign data and better decisions


Registering the preheater events including ladle arrival/departure is the first step to prevent tapping into a cold ladle.

EAF / BOF Tapping

Knowing the exact time of arrival of empty ladles and departure from the tapping pit helps the coordination with cranes

LMF / Caster Ladle Arrival

As heats are automatically linked to ladles during tapping, product tracking becomes automatic and error free in all subsequent stations

Easy Installation Procedure

High durability of tags and sensors

Customized designs for different ladle types


Temperature resistant Armors and RFID tags
Distributed RFID sensors monitored by a centralized server

Armor and Tag

One per Ladle

Each ladle requires at least one protective armor with a PLT Tag. The armor must be welded to the ladle. There are several armor models available to fit your ladle structure.

The tag receives RF signal from the sensor, uses its energy to power an internal electronic circuit and emits a message with its own ID back to the sensor.

PLT Stations

One every 4 antennas

Antennas must be installed in the plant pointing to the areas of interest where the ladles will be detected.
Each PLT Station can have up to 4 wired antennas. Station location must be chosen taking into account network availability, distance to antennas and protection.
The Station is continuously monitoring the zones and sending events to the centralized server.

PLT Driver and apps

Microsoft Windows based

The PLT system requires a Windows Server where the PLTDriver software must be installed.

The PLTDriver centralizes and process the events from all the sensors, keeping an updated state of all the assets and spots of the plant. The status can be monitored by using PLTExplorer application, or it can be transmitted to your HMI or Level 2 system.

Time to replace a Tag in minutes

Average durability of a tag in days

Wall Temperature in F

Detection Distance in ft


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